This essay offers a concise explanation with regards to steering behaviors, particularly seek.


The goal of Seek Steering Behavior is to steer the character towards its target goal. This is especially important for autonomous characters in the game world who may need to pursue the character during a chase or go to the store. Seek behavior brings them to life making them intelligent. This behavior is more commonly applied in instances where you have an autonomous character following the main character or they are leading the main character to a destination.

In a Nutshell

The image above shows the mathematical translation of the…

Magics….is unexplained science

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Love is the strong desire for something. You have to love it ahead of time or learn on demand. Love can be learned. It only feels spontaneous because you unconsciously prepped your brain into feeling agreeable with the thing long before your meeting and forgot about it leaving you pleasantly surprised. But no, you’ve been doing the work without realizing. You have been stealing moments, telling yourself you love it. You would have realized had you been paying more attention, but you weren’t.


Love has to be used with caution.

This means that you must only Love only what is…

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This tutorial will help you understand the workflow used by the Alexa Developer Console to create a skill. This tutorial creates a simple Two Times Table skill designed to help 1st and 2nd graders with their 2 times table, well it just gives them answers. The skill would benefit from adding explanations, but won’t get into that aspect here. This tutorial is designed to help you quickly gain confidence with creating skills by helping you understand the sequential workflow needed to get the best results.

This skill tutorial does not contain InSkillPurchasing. That will be covered in another tutorial.


“It comes down to your expectation.”

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Deepak Chopra showed Oprah an iteration of this idea in 1993. He asked her to hold a string and in her mind, visualize the string swinging in a direction she imagined, the string followed her expectation. When she changed the direction the string did as expected, it even moved in a circular motion. Her expectation determined her outcome.

And yes, you can do it too because visualization is easy. Repeat that idea until you believe it. “Visualization is easy for me” because nothing is impossible until you expect that it is. …

The song has seen many iterations which have mostly resulted in the loss of translation. Of course songs have different meanings to different people and this one is not different. What makes it unique is that it was inspired by a beautiful African folk arrangement that is now mostly practiced within families or villages and seldomly shared with the world. This was done out of the need to protect the family during colonialism, then later from the autocratic governments that followed and it was also almost lost with the loss of an entire generation to the AIDs crisis that created…

Everyone can ace those interviews it's not about talent, it's about being confident(without a doubt) you can ace it. Fortunately confidence can be cultivated in a month if you practice the right affirmations. An hour of auto-suggestion for a month - maybe less before your interview will be the difference maker.

The questions are important, because every computer scientist ought to be able to design a working system on paper off the top of your head, quickly.

Tutoring computer science year 1 - 2 part time or developing a game are a great ways to help you remain connected to the basic concepts.

I loved coding interviews(confident), then loathed them(lacked confidence) and now I am back to loving them(confident) and they're actually easy and fun. Practice -> Don't allow life to get the best of you. No Excuses.

Attitude == Altitude

Holding a yoga pose or performing a 2–10minute flow relaxes your body enough for your brain to notice and curb the fight and flight signals.

Yoga is everywhere. It is as my GrandDad put it, “One way out of many ways to heaven.”

Heaven is a state of absolute bliss according to many and in this state one is relaxed and always feeling good, unbothered, optimistic and filled with confident clarity.

Yoga is a way to this state. It has been proven to help practitioners relax and feel good. Practice benefits are often felt after class and after a short period of time. It is one of many paths to absolute bliss with practitioners reporting feeling good about life because of yoga.

This sounds like…

Let’s say you receive $25,000 today. What would you do with it?

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Most people will virtuously say “Pay off some or all of my debts and invest”, some will purchase gifts which often amount to a car, help with a down payment on a house and then they spend the rest on making good on their Amazon wishlist.

For others, a small amount will be allocated to savings and in today’s stock market culture some will opt to put half of it into the stock market or buy bitcoin.

The end result is the same, it brings them back to…

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